1.7 abn amro.png
1.7 abn amro.png
1.7 abn amro.png
1.7 abn amro.png

I wanted to broaden my work experience by having a look inside the world of advertisement . I worked on challenges for several Dutch companies.

Advertisement has a lot of similarities to design in terms of conceptual design systems. That’s why I wanted to get more familiar with it. We made several concepts for Jongehonden. I will explain one further below:

In a society of mass consumption, the average level of consumption is very high. In terms of understanding using one earth of supplies would mean that we use as much materials as the world produces in one year. At the moment we use 1.7. Depicted to the left is a picture of an 1.7 world. We made a short pitch movie showing all sorts of objects multiplied by 1.7. In our proposal ABN-AMRO would organise an award where they would multiply the amount of money that the most green project which was kickstarted in that year by 1.7.

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Jongehonden Assignement for ABN-AMRO