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We were challenged by Europe by People to create an object that would reflect the plastics problem we face on the world.

Historically, stained glass has been used to communicate all kinds of stories to people. Timo ten Broeke and I decided to reuse this old technique to illustrate what we consider our generation’s quintessential problem. We partnered up with Dutch eco-friendly supermarket chain Ekoplaza, and they supplied us with all the plastics we needed to create an updated version of the stained glass window. In cooperation with a number of illustrators and craftsmen, we found new ways to create this window, as the properties were different to the traditional glass windows. After a month we presented our window depicting an oil pump at the Europe by People conference. Now we are designing a variation of this window for a major hotel branche in the Netherlands.

-Europe by People


-Stained plastic

HKU Assignement for Ekoplaza