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Course given at HKU, Sustainable design school Nice and KISD Design school Cologne

Student projects*

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What if designers were challenged to design something else then a table or the

1000th chair? What if you could design something for a cow or a fish. What would you make? I ask 50 students from all over Europe this question every winter.

I started this course in Utrecht, but after two years I am teaching it at three design schools. I developed a design method that incorporates biologists, philosophers, engineers and anthropogists.  Untill now we designed over 30 sollutions for animals or plants that encounter mostly human enflicted problems.  For now I expanded my team with wich I build a platform and plan on teaching at even more schools. I have personally coached all teams entering this course in their projects. therefor I learned many communiaction, organisational and design skills that I can incoprate in my own work.